SAPCI Hofburg Innsbruck

Innsbruck 2023

Client: Hofburg Innsbruck

The Innsbruck Hofburg Museum’s sustainability strategy for 2023 is part of Austria’s pioneering role in climate protection. The country is aiming for climate neutrality by 2040 and wants to switch to renewable energies by 2030. Cultural institutions such as museums play an important role in this. PARTNER Consulting+Projects has developed the “Sustainability Action Plan for Cultural Institutions (SAPCI)”, a tailor-made programme that offers museums a strategy to achieve their sustainability goals. A pilot project was successfully implemented at the Innsbruck Hofburg Museum, based on a thorough analysis of energy consumption, carbon footprint and building conditions. The aim is to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions and to promote the principles of the circular economy. The SAPCI plan includes an up-to-date consumption analysis, performance assessment and peer review, as well as customised improvement measures for museums. Through this holistic approach, cultural institutions can achieve their sustainability goals and improve operational efficiency.