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Our world is in the midst of change, accompanied by climate crisis and the global pandemic. Museums and cultural institutions play a pioneering role when it comes to promoting sustainable development in our society. We support Austrian museums in this endeavor with our years of experience and our broad network of experts whom we cooperate with. Because there is one thing we must all remember: There is no planet B.


The changes which are happening in our society demand new ways of thinking and acting. The drive to make museums more environmentally friendly, while making processes more sustainable, is more important today than ever before. Museums have a major impact on society and serve as role models when it comes to topics such as fighting climate change and its effects and applying sustainable project thinking. In doing so, access to a diverse range of national and international funding programs can be used, with the aim to facilitate the achievement of sustainable development goals. Participation in one or more internationally recognized environmental certification programs provides additional benefits to those leading the way.


Acting sustainably is very diverse for a museum, and we advise our clients on the following two main focal areas. These are, on the one hand, the improvement of the sustainability of the museum building as well as bringing its ongoing operations to a new level, and on the other hand, ensuring the sustainable planning and implementation of its temporary projects. These two areas are a good starting point for cultural institutions that wish to achieve their sustainable development goals. Get in touch with us to schedule a personal consultation, we will be happy to assist you in putting together an individual action plan for your institution.

  • Technical building improvements
  • Modification of the outdoor areas under climatic aspects
  • Planning and implementation of social meeting places
  • Motivation and changing the mindset of the museum employees
  • Sustainable design of museum facilities
  • Adaptation of heating, air conditioning and energy systems
  • Review and analysis of energy consumption
  • Ongoing use of sustainable materials
  • Waste management concept optimisation
  • Preparation and adaptation of tender documentation
  • Efficiency enhancement in regard to art transportation and exhibition installations
  • Environmental certification programs


We draw on our years of experience in technical consulting and holistic project implementation of projects in the museum sector to help our clients meet modern environmental standards. Not only finding the right technical and economic solutions, but also changing conventional ways of thinking and acting are of particular importance to museums on their journey to becoming a sustainable institution. We organize workshops for museum staff, conduct inventory analyses and market research, develop action plans in close collaboration with our clients as well as support them with grant applications and the subsequent implementation of the sustainability program.

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