Sustainability consulting for museums, cultural institutions and historic buildings is our speciality. To systematically implement your measures for improving resource management and environmental sustainability, you need the right documents and information.

A holistic approach makes it easy for all stakeholders to participate in decision-making and see how sustainable strategies can help them achieve their goals. A plan developed with us ensures that your change process yields measurable results and sustainability becomes an integral part of your corporate culture.


Our sustainability consulting for museums, cultural institutions and historic buildings provides a comprehensive analysis of your institution’s consumption, considering all aspects such as energy, water, and material usage, as well as the CO2 footprint.

The following topics are addressed in our analysis:

  • The annual energy consumption

  • The CO2 footprint

  • Optimisation measures to reduce energy consumption
  • Financial analysis of measurements

  • Possible financial support options for implementing the measures

CO2-footprint & offset

With our CO2 footprint and offset service, we help you measure, analyze, and reduce the carbon footprint of your institution.

Based on our analysis, we create a customized plan with specific measures to reduce your institution’s carbon footprint. Our measures can range from simple recommendations for improving energy efficiency to construction projects and transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Benefits for you:

  • Improvement of sustainability activities
  • Improved public perception and higher visitor numbers
  • Identification of potential savings in energy and resource consumption

  • Compliance with legal requirements

By implementing our recommendations, you not only make a positive contribution to climate protection but also enjoy additional benefits.

  • Reduction of operating costs and long-term cost savings

  • Access to best-practice examples of other institutions
  • With our assistance, you can offset the remaining CO2 emissions of your institution by investing in climate protection projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Nachhaltigkeitsberatung für Museen / 
Sustainability consulting for museums

Assessment of the ecological footprint of exhibitions

The goal of our ecological footprint assessment of exhibitions is a comprehensive analysis of the entire lifecycle of an exhibition to reduce the ecological footprint and promote sustainable exhibitions.

Our assessment covers the entire exhibition design, from material selection to transportation and storage methods, to disposal at the end of the exhibition.

You will receive specific measures and recommendations from us to minimise energy, water, and material consumption.

  • Reducing the ecological footprint of your exhibition

  • Contributing to environmental protection

  • Demonstrating sustainability efforts and enhancing reputation

  • Long-term cost savings

Research and development projects on sustainability

Our service “Sustainability Development for Cultural Institutions” is based on scientific methods and aims to develop innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions for cultural institutions.

We take into account the specific needs and requirements of each institution and seek individualized solutions. We support you with every idea and new plan.

Examples of research you can entrust to us include:

  • Sustainability in the event sector:
    Best practices for conducting environmentally friendly exhibitions.

  • Climate change and cultural institutions:
    Impacts on the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage.

  • Sustainable exhibition practices:
    Success factors and obstacles to the implementation of sustainability concepts in museums.

Assistance with grant applications

Applying for grants can be a challenge for many cultural institutions. Our experienced team provides support at every step of the process.

We assist in identifying relevant funding opportunities and help you prepare the application to ensure that all necessary information and documents are correct and complete.

With our assistance, you will:

  • Increase your chances of a successful application

  • Submit a comprehensive and precise application

  • Maximise the availability of grants that are suitable for your needs

  • Save time and energy

Training and education programs for cultural institutions

We assist with individualised consultation to create a sustainable learning environment where employees can acquire new insights and exchange best practices.

Why this is important:

  • Generating new ideas and finding innovative solutions for specific problems.

  • Improving employee satisfaction and –motivation

  • Improving collaboration and teamwork

  • Motivation of your employees to advocate for sustainability and environmental protection in your institution.

  • Improvement of your institution’s effectiveness.


Sustainability consulting for museums, cultural institutions and historic buildings is our strength! Write us a few lines about your project idea, and we will get in touch with you.