Museums and Cultural Institutions on the Path to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Von: Nushin Shahri, PARTNER C+P | 11.10.2023

The first mission im/possible event was a full success.

On November 06th, the first MISSION IM/POSSIBLE event took place at the Hofburg Vienna in cooperation between PARTNER C+P and “Bughauptmannschaft Österreich” – a pilot event to activate and promote exchange in the cultural industry around sustainability and energy efficiency.

In this article, we take a look at the highlights of the event, why the topic of sustainability is so important, and how you can download the presentations to benefit from the valuable insights.


Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

Sustainability is not a new concept, but in recent years it has become a key term in the cultural industry.
Cultural institutions play a significant role in society, and their impact on the environment is not to be underestimated. Many museums, galleries, and historical sites have recognised that they bear a responsibility to act sustainably. This means not only protecting cultural treasures but also handling energy, resources, and environmental impacts responsibly.

The preservation of cultural assets requires precise control of temperature, humidity, and light. This, in turn, requires a significant amount of energy. This is where energy efficiency comes into play. Through smart heating and cooling systems, innovative lighting technologies, and the use of renewable energy, cultural institutions can reduce their energy consumption while simultaneously protecting the treasures of our history.

This is precisely what MISSION IM/POSSIBLE focused on.


Best Practice Examples and Expert Insights

During the event, best practice examples from the cultural industry were presented, showing how sustainability and energy efficiency can be successfully implemented. From mold removal in historical collections to CO2 accounting for cultural institutions, there was a wealth of valuable insights and strategies.

Our special guest speaker, Robert Lambe, provided insights into the international practice of sustainability in cultural institutions. His expertise and the projects presented inspired and encouraged us to drive sustainable design forward.


All Presentations for Download

Transparency and collaborative innovation are important to us. Therefore, we provide you with all the presentations of the speakers here. By clicking on the name of the speaker, you can directly download their presentation.
*Please note that the presentations are available only in German. For english info on the keynotes please contact us!*

The Sustainability Action Plan for the Hofburg Innsbruck Museum
Mold Removal on the Exterior Wall of the Kunsthistorisches Museum
Sustainable materials in exhibitions
Use of Passive Cooling Technology at Schönbrunn Palace
CO2 Accounting for Cultural Institutions, ClimCalc Tools
Energy-Efficient Measures at the New Vienna Museum
Annual Analysis of the Status Quo and Performance

We say “Thank you!”

Thanks to the participation and commitment of our wonderful attendees and speakers, this event has become a significant milestone on the path to a sustainable future.

The lively discussions, sharing of best practice examples, international experiences, and the in-depth insights gained during the event have inspired and encouraged us! We firmly believe that the ideas and strategies shared in this context will have a positive impact on the future development of sustainability in museums, cultural institutions, and historic buildings. The presentations from the event are available below for you to continue benefiting from the content of the event.

We look forward to continuing the dialogues that have started and collaborating for a sustainable future!